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January Attribute is OPTIMISM

I will maintain a positive attitude, look on the brighter side of situations and seek opportunities in the face of adversity.


OPTIMISM is being too noble for anger.
OPTIMISM is being too strong for fear.
OPTIMISM is being too large for worry.
OPTIMISM is being too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

•Make all my friends feel good about themselves
• Look at the bright side of things
•Be enthusiastic about the success of others
•Present a cheerful countenance at all times
•Forget the mistakes of the past and be positive about the future
•Not be critical of others but rather look to improve myself
•Strive to be the best I can be

You are only a decision away from responding with hope instead of fear,

with encouragement instead of criticism,

with belief instead of despair.

It's your choice!

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2017 Annual York Region Character Community Awards NOMINATIONS are open.

Click here for a Nomination form to review and gather the information needed before you begin the ONLINE process.

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Our JANUARY Enews.

Monthly Community Attribute

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Character Community Foundation of York Region (CCFYR) is a not-for-profit charitable organization, launched in 2001, registered in 2007 and granted status as the first registered Character Community charity in Canada.

Our MISSION is to engage individuals and organizations in positive character development.
Our VISION is that York Region leads in community character development.
Our CORE VALUES: Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Integrity and Responsibility.

CCFYR represents a group of committed volunteers and leaders from the community, government, education and business sectors who support our ongoing Mission to engage individuals and organizations in positive character development and to work toward our Vision of having York Region lead in community character development.

CCFYR recognizes 11 character attributes: compassion, courage, fairness, honesty, inclusiveness, initiative, integrity, optimism, perseverance, respect and responsibility.

We offer programs and events that promote the benefit that living with character creates in our families, schools, businesses and neighbourhoods by acting as a catalyst for positive change and citizen engagement.

Click here for an Overview of what we do and how we Impact our community.

   Live each day with ...  Compassion, Courage, Fairness, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Initiative, Integrity, Optimism, Perserverance, Respect and Responsibility.  

Music Alive Festival

The MUSIC ALIVE 2017 website is now open for registration and applications.

Deadline to register is Jan.22, 2017

As in past years, it will be necessary to update your user profile prior to creating an application. 

If you have any questions, please email : inquiries.music@ yorkregionalive.com

Visit the website:  Music Alive


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Character 4 Organizations

In collaboration with Kathleen Redmond - Centre for Character Leadership we have developed a series of three workshops on Creating a Character Culture for organizations: businesses, sports or cultural groups, not for profits.

We are accepting requests from organizations who would like this training.

For more information contact Karen Addison.

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Character Culture Resources

Check here for resource materials to help you engage your organization in positive character development including our Quick Start Tool kit and Planning Guide.

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See our other Resources: Enews,YOUTUBE and other digital media info.

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Character Community Awards

Our 2017 York Region Annual Character Community Awards will once again be held at the RHPAC on Wed. April 26, 2017.

Nominations will open January 13, 2017.

Click for more info on the 2016 Awards.