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JULY Attribute is INTEGRITY.

I will do what is right and ensure there is no difference between what I say and what I do.

When I Work with INTEGRITY

 I Will…

  • Do what I say I will do.
  • Do the right thing even if it is not going to easy for me or for others.
  • Never engage in questionable or illegal activities.
  • Be consistent and trustworthy.
  • Treat myself and others with respect.
  • Take pride in my work and strive for excellence.

Practical suggestions…

  • Say what I mean and mean what I say.
  • Comply with rules and guidelines outlined.
  • Demonstrate strong personal ethics through my behaviour.
  • Not be influenced by others to do something I do not want to do or that I know to be wrong.
  • Act with integrity; and make the right decisions even in tough circumstances.

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing."


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                                                                       Mission: Engage organizations in positive character development. 

                                                                      Vision: York Region leads in community character development.

2015 Slap Shot Hockey Program

One of our new Character Council members Dan Zaiontz joined our June ON ICE day to see what this program is all about. Hear what he thought.

YRDSB and YCDSB schools in Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill are learning the "Good Ole Hockey game" along with seeing the attributes in action.

To learn more about this program click here.

Jersey and sticks sponsorships are available now for our fall sessions. To help support this program please contact Karen Addison.


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