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September Attribute is COURAGE
I will stand up for my beliefs and principles and face challenges, fear and difficulty with fortitude.

•Courage is demonstrated by people who stand up for what they believe in their heart to be the right thing to do, even when others don't support them and might try to convince them that they are wrong.

I WILL: continue to do what I know to be right, even when it would be easier to follow another path.
I WILL: ensure that my feeling of “I can” is stronger than my feeling of "I can't".
•I WILL: take risks to do the right thing, even when it might challenge the attitudes and behaviour of others.

“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.”

Arthur Koestle

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2014 Character Community Awards

Shine a Light on Character…

The 8th Annual York Region Character Community Awards is the Character Community Foundation’s signature event.  It recognizes individuals, schools, groups and businesses across York Region that demonstrate the following exemplary character attributes: • Compassion • Inclusiveness • Perseverance • Courage • Initiative • Respect • Fairness • Integrity • Responsibility • Honesty • Optimism

Fisch among residents honoured for character.

Click here to view our photo gallery courtesy of Merk Photography.

2014 Character Community Award Nominees.

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Our 8th Annual Character Community Awards took place at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Thank you to our 2014 Sponsors for their support this year.

Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate and honour these York Region residents who are striving to live with positive character where they live, learn, work or play.


2014 Character Community Awards

2014 Media release

2014 Photo Gallery