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I will not give up when things get tough.I will stick to my goals and work hard to achieve them, despite obstacles and challenges.

 I Will...

  • Be steadfast in the pursuit of my objectives.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Strive for success.
  • Learn and grow with failure; I will not fear it.

Practical suggestions…

Set clear goals and plans to be successful.
Push yourself a little further to test your own endurance.
Create a support network to help you persevere when you may not feel strong. 
Celebrate milestones for yourself and for others.


“Fall down seven times… Stand up eight.”  Chinese Proverb.

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Worth the Read

We are collaborating with Kathleen Redmond from the Centre for Character Leadership on a series of three workshops on Character4Organizations (C4O) in 2015.

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Align your character from the inside out.

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