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November Character Attribute is FAIRNESS.

I will treat others in a just, equitable and unbiased manner.


FAIRNESS is being consistent.

FAIRNESS is listening and being open.

FAIRNESS is being careful making judgments about others.

FAIRNESS is treating people equally and equitably.

FAIRNESS is following procedures.


Play by the rules.

Take turns and share.

Be open-minded and listen to others.

Treat people equally.

Not blame others carelessly.


“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you”.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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What is a Character Community?

A Character Community is one in which members of the community work together to nurture positive character attributes.

It requires a shift in thinking and a focus on attitudes and behaviours that lead to achievement and success.

Character is important

Good character makes a positive difference in our families, schools, businesses and neighbourhoods by acting as a catalyst for positive change and citizen engagement.

A Character Community attracts people and businesses of character and acts as a driver for economic growth and prosperity.

The Character Community encourages businesses to:

  • Identify what the business stands for
  • Establish ethical business practices
  • Emphasize customer-service
  • Foster strong Character employees
  • Develop business leaders of Character
  • Give back to their community

For more information on our Character 4 Organizations (C4O) workshops and resources please click here.

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