Slap Shot Hockey Program

Slap Shot is a free seven week hockey/character development program for underprivileged and newcomer boys and girls in grades 4-6 that provides a fun and inclusive introduction to the game of hockey and Canadian culture to children whose ability to participate in recreational sport is limited due to financial and cultural barriers.

Music Alive Program

A Region wide music festival for youth that is open to all types of musical ensembles, soloists, choirs, bands, orchestras and classroom groups. Music Alive provides an opportunity for young people to collaborate and work as a team to showcase their musical talent and celebrate character in the arts.

Youth Social Justice Days Program

A series of student led half day events for 800 students in grades 6-8 that focuses on recognizing the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as guns and gangs, racism, sexism, moral responsibility and oppression through guest speakers and workshops. This program engages youth in the issues of social justice and how they can make a difference in their community.

CC Seniors Task Force Program

A senior led community based social inclusion program that provides access to a variety of social and physical activity classes, bus trips and educational workshops that are designed to meet the needs and interests of seniors with the goal of increasing participation and social inclusion levels of seniors in East Gwillimbury.

In 2019, we delivered our programs to 13,614 children,  youth and seniors across York Region


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        284                         12,302                                608                                        420                           Grades 4-6                     Students All Ages                               Grades 6-8                                          Older Adults (55+)

Music Alive 2021!Virtual Education Edition

Calling all Music Teachers and Directors! Registration is now open!!!